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European Aerial Fire Fighting Squadron

Idea: Seasonal, if necessary permanent availability of modern fire-fighting amphibian aircraft by stationing them in the Central Europe at the lake Sedlitz water landing site, retrieval of further aircraft if required establishment of a fire fighting center for training of coordinated fire-fighting from the ground and from the air in former open-cast mining areas.

Ambitions: Aerial fighting of area fires and fires in hardly accessible on ground or inaccessible sections within a radius of 400km from the home base and all over Europe within short call-off times with one ferry flight
Achieving European importance in trainings for pilots and firefighters in combined air and ground operations.

Benefits: Expand firefighting capabilities in Europe with short call-off times due to the location in Central Europe; support of structural change by creating know-how and highly qualified jobs in aircraft maintenance and training of rescue services; conversion of the disadvantages of the open-cast mining landscape and the existing infrastructure at Lake Sedlitz and Welzow Airport into advantageous unique selling characteristics; co-financing by provision and deployment on behalf of various European countries is conceivable.

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The Project "European Fire-Fighting Squadron" is under development together with FRANK-AIR, Welzow: